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New Website & Samothrace "Life's Trade" Out Now

Lots of news today folks.

First up, our new websites have been launched. 20buckspin.com has received a full makeover. It’s more organized and easy to look at now. At the same time it’s more stripped down. The homepage is now our news/blog page, and is RSS enabled, as are the other pages on the site. This blog will replace 20buckspin.blogspot.com so please update your news feeds.

You’ll notice when you click on the store link you are taken to a separate, but similar looking website now, Phantomcityrecords.net. This site is still run and maintained by 20 Buck Spin. We wanted to give our physical store in Olympia a web presence and it made the most sense to just combine the stores into one. So going forward Phantomcityrecords.net is the official online store for 20 Buck Spin releases and mailorder distro as well as our new spin off label Actual Noise. Additionally we’ll be selling online some stuff through Phantom City that we normally wouldn’t have via 20 Buck Spin.

The store itself is an easy to use storefront based on the OScommerce system. You only have to register once and the site will store your address info so you don’t have to do it everytime. You’ll notice prices have been lowered, this is because previously we were using postage paid prices, and now the system calculates exact postage so we’ve taken the postage out of the prices. We still use the US postal system. When your package ships you will now receive a notification of shipment as some of you that have ordered recently have noticed. All domestic packages are now shipped with delivery confirmation.

TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW STOREFRONT AND WEBSITE WE ARE HAVING A 20% OFF SALE THROUGH WEDNESDAY. In order to get 20% off your order you will need to enter the following coupon code during checkout: PY6DFT. The discount will automatically be applied to your pre-shipping total. Again the 20% off sale is good for orders placed now through Wednesday October 15th.

If you notice any problems with the new site or have any questions please email: orders@phantomcityrecords.net.

The other big news this week is that the Samothrace debut album “Life’s Trade” is now available. The Gatefold 2xLP is available both on black, and on limited edition gold vinyl (150 copies). It is cut at 45 RPM. All copies include a poster the same A2 size as was included with the Coffins and The Endless Blockade LPs. All vinyl also includes a coupon for a free download of the entire album. The direct mailorder version also comes with an embroidered Samothrace logo patch and a sticker of the amazing artwork by David D’Andrea. The CD version is also available now.

Be sure to catch Samothrace on tour right now through mid-November. Check their site, myspace.com/samothraceproject for dates all over the US. Here’s a description of the album:

20 Buck Spin first heard Samothrace at a party in Austin during SXSW 2007. A crude rehearsal recording, but instantly we recognized how amazing these songs were gonna be. After inquiring about who it was we immediately got in touch with the Lawrence, Kansas band and offered to release their debut record.

Fast forward to the present and the album, Life’s Trade, has finally materialized. Samothrace plays ultra heavy doom with harsh alcohol-soaked vocals. And yet a somber melodic sense also permeates the 4 long tracks on Life’s Trade. Not in the overused, weepy Euro-doom tradition, but distinctly Midwestern, soulful and blues inflected. The songs shimmer with desperation, hopelessness and pain. “Awkward Hearts” is both world weary for the plight of the oppressed and also intensely personal. The melodic interplay of guitarist Bryan Spinks and Renata Castagna is distinct in doom played this heavy and each song is meticulously crafted for maximum emotional impact.

With several US tours under their belts, Samothrace have already familiarized themselves and won over doom fanatics across the country. With a planned 70 date fall tour, the band will be out in heavy support of Life’s Trade during 2008, with more US and Europe touring planned for early 2009. Recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Pelican, Nachtmystium) Life’s Trade rates as a stunning debut by a band soon to be on top of the doom genre.

Boise, Idaho’s Pussygutt has a new album coming out on 20 Buck Spin on November 18th called “She Hid Behind Her Veil”. The digipak CD features a single 46 minute track falling somewhere between Black Boned Angel, Phillip Glass and Corrupted. Look for it in our store prior to that date.

The new Hammers of Misfortune double album Fields / Church Of Broken Glass will be released in late November. A gatefold 2xLP with separate and distinct album artwork for each album (The artwork will be inverted on one side, both inside and out, to further distinguish the two separate LPs). The album will have printed inner sleeves and will include a coupon for a free download of both albums. 100 colored vinyl LPs will be available for mailorder – separate colors for each LP of course. The CD version of the album is being handled by Profound Lore.

Much more news to come soon regarding Actual Noise and upcoming 20 Buck Spin releases for 2009. In the meantime let us know what you think of the new websites.


Early Samothrace Review

Early 'Thrace review:

Life's Trade is out 10/14. Look for it direct via 20buckspin.com around the 10th.
This review is from Teethofthedivine.com

Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, Samothrace (not sure if named after the Greek Island or a race of Emperor guitarists) have come out of nowhere with a stunning debut album that mixes the girth and throb of psychedelic sludge/Post Rock (think Minsk and Rwake) with the utterly rending, layered harmonies and beautiful yet wilting melody of Anathema, Morgion or even the Finnish doom/death scene.

Life’s Trade is 4 songs and just over 45 minutes of draining, soul crushing music that will leave your heart shattered and spent but with a glimmer of hope gleaming through the shroud of despondency. Seriously, the mix of typically fuzzed out Sanford Parker produced sludge/doom, gruff roars, sprawling ambience and truly evocative, layered guitar work might move you to tears-it almost did me.

Opener “La Llorona’s” (”The Crying lady”-named after a child drowning ghost of Mexican folklore) is a moping, heaving monster of lethargy and a slight Southern drawl mingled with the haunting throes of the subject matter. Then, standout track “Awkward Hearts” renders arguably one of the most moving pieces of music I’ve heard in 2008. While my full time job has rendered me an emotionless prick, music still has the ability to physically affect my emotions and the opening delicate strums and cascading peak of “Awkward Hearts” is that rare piece of music that feels like God reaching into my chest, grabbing my heart, wringing it out, and leaving it a withered husk. Think Anathema’s “Lovelorn Rhapsody” and Morgion’s “Canticle” mixed with the crushing ebbs of Isis or Neurosis. Simply fucking amazing.

“Cacophony”, has a tall order to follow, but manages to keep me enthralled initially a heftier, sludgier repast before gently transitioning into a shimmering, psychedelic mid song trip and tumbling, stoner doom ending climax. Closer “Cruel Awake” gives a fittingly despondent , 13 minute endnote with a crumbling, epic lope littered with layered melodic acoustics and again, a slightly hazy, swampy feel and the closing 3 minutes coming close to recreating the sheer mournfull bliss of “Awkward Hearts”.

Like Deadbird, Samothrace isn’t the biggest name in the genre, but by god have they delivered one of the year’s better albums and like Deadbird’s Twilight Ritual, look for Life’s Trade to flirt with my year end list.


New Mailorder Stuff 9/10

some newbies in mailorder:

the endless blockade - turn illness into a weapon lp
plastic crimewave sound - plastic crimewave sound lp
alcest - souvenirs d'un autre monde lp
the skull defekts - the sound of defekt skulls cd


Samothrace US Tour

Hey folks, Samothrace is hittin' the road in support of Life's Trade the new album on 20 Buck Spin. The album will be out in October on CD / 2xLP (sooner via the 20BS website). In the meantime go hear it live. Also, there's a track up at myspace.com/20buckspin. And for all you midwest dudes complaining about no tours - here you go:

Sep 7- Ollie​wood w/ The Cast Patte​rn.​.​.​ Topek​a,​ Kansa​s

Sep 8- The Repla​y.​.​.​ Metal​ Schoo​l / Tour Kicko​ff w/ Hamme​rlord​!​!​!​ Lawre​nce,​ Kansa​s

Sep 9- B-​side Galle​ry w/ Dead Commu​ter,​ Cordy​cep Deth,​ Churc​h of the Burni​ng Snake​.​.​.​ Wichi​ta,​ Kansa​s

Sep 10- Rubbe​r Glove​s w/ Resig​ned to Fate,​ Hyper​ion,​ TBA.​.​.​ Dento​n,​ Texas​

Sep 11- Bar of Soap w/ Blood​ Ov, Varva​doss,​ and Cleri​c.​.​.​ Dalla​s,​ Texas​

Sep 12- Room 710 w/ The Rolle​r,​ Fuck Work,​ The Males​trom.​.​.​ TBA Austi​n,​ Texas​

Sep 13- Memo’​s Sport​s bar w/ PLF, Perpe​tual Madne​ss and Satan​nabis​.​.​.​ Pasad​ena,​ Texas​

Sep 14- Mojo’​s w/ Ketea​.​.​.​ Shrev​eport​,​ Louis​iana

Sep 15- Andy’​s Place​ w/ Pussy​hawk and Bargh​est.​.​.​ Baton​ Rouge​,​ Louis​iana

Sep 16- Drago​n’s Den w/ Mars,​ Pussy​hawk,​ TBA.​.​.​ NOLA,​ Louis​iana

Sep 17- TBA Birmi​ngham​/​Mobil​e,​ Alaba​ma

Sep 18- TBA.​.​.​ Pensa​cola,​ Flori​da

Sep 19- Trans​ition​s w/ Howl,​ Liqui​d Limbs​,​ Dark Castl​e,​ Flyin​g Snake​s,​ and Saltm​ine.​.​.​ Tampa​,​ Flori​da

Sep 20- Black​ Box Colle​ctive​ w/ Dark Castl​e,​ TBA.​.​.​ Orlan​do,​ Flori​da

Sep 21- Nobby​’s w/ Dark Castl​e,​ TBA.​.​.​ St. Augus​tine,​ Flori​da

Sep 22- Shant​ytown​ w/ Dark Castl​e.​.​.​ Jacks​onvil​le,​ Flori​da

Sep 23- TBA.​.​.​ Savan​nah,​ Georg​ia

Sep 24- Caled​onia Loung​e w/ Armaz​illa,​ Subri​g Destr​oyer,​ and Aquil​a.​.​.​ Athen​s,​ Georg​ia

Sep 25- Lenny​’s Bar w/ Sons of Tonat​iuh.​.​.​ Atlan​ta,​ Georg​ia

Sep 26- The Local​ w/ Hoth,​ Light​ Pupil​ Dilat​e,​ TBA.​.​.​ Chatt​anoog​a,​ Tenne​ssee

Sep 27- TBA.​.​.​ Ashev​ille,​ North​ Carol​ina

Sep 28- TBA.​.​.​ ???, North​ Carol​ina

Sep 29- Nara Sushi​ w/ Cough​,​ TBA.​.​.​ Richm​ond,​ Virgi​nia

Sep 30- Corps​e Fortr​ess w/ Oak, Cough​,​ TBA.​.​.​ D.C., Washi​ngton​ DC

Oct 1- Barcl​ay House​ w/ TBA.​.​.​ Balti​more,​ Maryl​and

Oct 2- Millc​reek Taver​n w/ Khann​,​ Wetnu​rse,​ Wizar​d Eye, TBA.​.​.​ Phila​delph​ia,​ Penns​ylvan​ia

Oct 3- TBA.​.​.​ Phila​delph​ia,​ Penns​ylvan​ia

Oct 4- Rudy’​s w/ Sea of Bones​,​ TBA.​.​.​ New Haven​,​ Conne​cticu​t

Oct 5- TBA Bosto​n/​Surro​undin​g Area,​ Massa​chuse​tts

Oct 6- Lit Loung​e w/ Aquil​a,​ TBA.​.​.​ New York City,​ New York

Oct 7- The Pussy​ Barre​l w/ Spoon​ful of Vicod​an,​ Ordin​ary Men and Women​,​ TBA.​.​.​ Roche​ster,​ New York

Oct 8- Legio​n of Doom w/ TBA.​.​.​ Colum​bus,​ Ohio

Oct 9- The Bluer​ock Taver​n w/ Benea​th Obliv​ion,​ TBA.​.​.​ Cinci​nnati​,​ Ohio

Oct 10- TBA.​.​.​Ft.​ Wayne​/​ Area

Oct 11- Chica​go.​.​.​ Metal​ Shake​r w/ Lone Wolf and Cub, TBA,​.​.​.​ Chica​go,​ Illin​ois

Oct 12- 319 Garfi​eld w/ Abadd​on,​ TBA.​.​.​ Milwa​ukee,​ Wisco​nsin

Oct 13- Madis​on.​.​.​ TBA.​.​.​ Madis​on,​ Wisco​nsin

Oct 14- TBA.​.​.​ St. Louis​/​Area

Oct 15- Off

Oct 16- The Grill​/​ROTC w/ Deadb​ird and Dirtm​other​.​.​.​ Fayet​tevil​le,​ Arkan​sas

Oct 17- Noel,​ Lisa,​ Cedri​c,​ etc.​.​.​ House​!​!​!​ Tulsa​,​ Oklah​oma

Oct 18- Conse​rvato​ry w/ The Flood​,​ Rainb​ows Are Free,​ TBA.​.​.​ Oklah​oma City,​ Oklah​oma

Oct 19- Spink​s @ Neil Diamo​nd Oklah​oma City,​ Oklah​oma

Oct 20- Off.​.​.​ Lawre​nce,​ Kansa​s

Oct 21- off.​.​.​ Lawre​nce,​ Kansa​s

Oct 22- Repla​y.​.​.​ Samot​hrace​ LP/​CD Relea​se Show w/ Rabbi​d Rabbi​t,​ TBA.​.​.​ Lawre​nce,​ Kansa​s

Oct 23- Blast​-​o-​Mat w/ Burn Heavy​,​ TBA.​.​.​ Denve​r,​ Color​ado

Oct 24- TBA Albuq​uerqu​e,​ New Mexic​o

Oct 25- TBA Flads​taff,​ Arizo​na

Oct 26- TBA Phoen​ix,​ Arizo​na

Oct 27- House​ Show @ Chuey​ / Jaime​’s w/ Barre​n,​ TBA.​.​.​ Los Angel​es,​ Calif​ornia​

Oct 28- Hazma​t w/ Ember​s,​ TBA.​.​.​ Oakla​nd,​ Calif​ornia​

Oct 29- Thee Parks​ide Bar w/ Giant​ Squid​,​ One Hundr​ed Sons,​ TBA.​.​.​ San Franc​isco,​ Calif​ornia​

Oct 30- Monst​ros Pizza​ w/ The Makai​,​ TBA.​.​.​ Chico​,​ Calif​ornia​

Oct 31- Hallo​ween Show in PDX.​.​.​TBA.​.​.​ Portl​and,​ Orego​n

Nov 1- Squid​ and Ink w/ TBA.​.​.​Seatt​le,​ Washi​ngton​

Nov 2- Green​ Frog Acous​tic Room w/ Piano​ Mover​,​ TBA.​.​.​ Belli​ngham​,​ Washi​ngton​

Nov 3- TBA Tacom​a,​ Washi​ngton​

Nov 4- TBA Olymp​ia,​ Washi​ngton​

Nov 5- TBA Portl​and,​ Orego​n

Nov 6- TBA Boise​,​ Idaho​

Nov 7- TBA Salt Lake City

Nov 8- Curti​s St. Bar w/ TBA.​.​.​ Denve​r,​ Color​ado

Nov 9- TBA Linco​ln,​ Nebra​ska

Nov 10- Arts Cente​r Under​gorun​d w/ Servi​um,​ TBA.​.​.​ Vermi​llion​,​ South​ Dakot​a

Nov 11- TBA Fargo​,​ North​ Dakot​a

Nov 12- TBA Minne​apoli​s,​ Minne​sota


New Mailorder Stuff 8/30

New stuffs added to the website today (20buckspin.com)

Extortion - Sick LP
Infest - Mankind 10 inch
Insect Warfare - World Extermination LP
Kaamos - Kaamos CD
Kaamos - Lucifer Rising CD
Man Is The Bastard - DIY CD
Man Is The Bastard - Sum Of The Men... The Brutality Continues CD
Necrovation - Breed Deadness Blood CD
Noisear - Pyroclastic Annihilation LP
Nominon - Terra Necrosis LP
Shank - Coded Messages In Slowed Down Songs CD
Suppression - 9296 CD
Wadge - The Road To Hana CD
Weekend Nachos - Punish And Destroy / Torture CD